Summer 2022We are now accepting pre-orders for delivery from September onwards for pot-grown trees and December onwards for bare-rooted trees.
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Catalogue of trees for sale

  • Albizia (Silk) trees Albizia5 varieties
    Albizias or Silk trees are attractive small trees with feathery foliage and fluffy flowers, they do best in a sunny position.
  • Amelanchier trees8 varieties
    Amelanchiers are popular small trees with attractive white blossom and multiple autumn leaf colours.
  • Beech trees Fagus3 varieties
    Beeches are large attractive trees with a stately presence, and often with good autumn leaf colours.
  • Birch trees Betula24 varieties
    Birches are particularly graceful trees, usually with attractive bark, and interesting leaves.
  • Hornbeam Carpinus2 varieties
    Hornbeams are large attractive and long-lived deciduous trees, related to birch.
  • Cercis (Redbud) trees Cercis16 varieties
    Cercis or Redbuds are small trees / large shrubs noted for their attractive flowers and leaves.
  • Flowering dogwood trees Cornus9 varieties
    The flowering dogwoods are hardy versatile small trees, often with long-lasting spring blossom.
  • Hazel trees Corylus2 varieties
    Hazels provide excellent winter interest with their attractive catkins.
  • Crab-apple trees Malus57 varieties
    Crab-apple trees are one of our specialities - we have one of the widest selections of crab-apple trees available in the UK.
  • Elm trees Ulmus3 varieties
    Elms are a large deciduous trees. New varieties are now available which are resistant to Dutch Elm disease.
  • Evergreen trees5 varieties
    Evergreen trees retain their leaves throughout the year, making them useful for screening and as an ornamental feature in the garden.
  • Flowering apricot trees Prunus mume1 varieties
    Flowering apricots are grown for their beautiful deep pink blossom.
  • Flowering cherry trees Prunus57 varieties
    We have one of the widest selections of ornamental flowering cherry trees available in the UK.
  • Flowering pear trees Pyrus3 varieties
    Flowering pear trees offer attractive spring blossom, and usually good autumn colour, and are easy to grow.
  • Fruiting ornamental trees5 varieties
    These are trees grown primarily for ornamental appeal, but which also may produce fruit.
  • Ginkgo trees Ginkgo2 varieties
    Ginkgos are attractive and distinctive trees with an ancient lineage.
  • Hawthorn trees Crataegus11 varieties
    Hawthorns are a diverse range of hardy deciduous trees with attractive blossom and fruitlets.
  • Japanese maple trees Acer palmatum6 varieties
    Our selection of Japanese acers or maple trees, grown for their oriental beauty and autumn colours.
  • Liquidambar trees6 varieties
    Liquidambar trees, or sweet gums, are known for their spectacular autumn leaf colours.
  • Magnolia trees Magnolia42 varieties
    Magnolias are grown primarily for their brightly coloured spring flowers, often borne on bare branches ahead of the leaves.
  • Maple trees Acer24 varieties
    A genus of large stately trees, easy to grow, and often with spectacular autumn colours.
  • Native trees10 varieties
    Native trees are species that colonised the British Isles after the last ice age.
  • Robinia trees Robinia2 varieties
    Robinias are versatile hardy trees and shrubs that will grow in most conditions.
  • Rowan trees Sorbus48 varieties
    Rowan or Mountain Ash trees are hardy attractive trees, easy to grow in most situations.
  • Whitebeam trees Sorbus aria11 varieties
    Whitebeams are part of the Sorbus group, closely related to the Rowans / Mountain Ash.
  • Lilac Syringa11 varieties
    Lilacs (Syringa) are small trees or large shrubs known for their superb scented flowers.
  • Our recommendations24 varieties
    These are trees we particularly recommend as being amongst the best in their species.