Catalogue of trees for sale

  • Our recommendations8
    These are trees we particularly recommend as being amongst the best in their species.

  • Albizia (Silk) trees Albizia4
    Attractive small trees with feathery foliage and fluffy flowers.

  • Amelanchier - Juneberry1
    Amelanchiers, sometimes known as Juneberries, offer attractive white blossom and multiple autumn colours.

  • Birch trees Betula20
    Graceful trees, usually with attractive bark.

  • Crab-apple trees Malus43
    Medium-sized ornamental trees with attractive spring blossom, and small colourful autumnal fruitlets - useful for cooking or wildlife.

  • Flowering cherry trees Prunus70
    The ornamental cherries are best-known for their pretty spring blossom, but many have attractive autumn colours too.

  • Flowering dogwood trees Cornus5
    The flowering dogwoods are hardy versatile small trees, often with long-lasting spring blossom.

  • Flowering pear trees Pyrus3
    Flowering pear trees offer attractive spring blossom, and usually good autumn colour, and are easy to grow.

  • Hawthorn trees Crataegus7
    A diverse range of hardy deciduous trees with attractive blossom and fruitlets.

  • Hazel bushes Corylus2
    Hazels provide excellent winter interest with their attractive catkins.

  • Hornbeam Carpinus1
  • Japanese maple trees Acer palmatum6
    Our selection of Japanese acers or maple trees, grown for their oriental beauty and autumn colours.

  • Liquidambar - Gum trees1
    Attractive trees originating in North America, grown for their autumn colours.

  • Magnolia Magnolia4
  • Maple trees Acer21
    A genus of large stately trees, easy to grow, and often with spectacular autumn colours.

  • Rowan trees Sorbus28
    Rowan or Mountain Ash trees are hardy attractive trees, easy to grow in most situations.

  • Whitebeam trees5
    Whitebeams are part of the Sorbus group, closely related to the Rowans / Mountain Ash.

  • Fruiting ornamental trees3
    Trees grown primarily for ornamental appeal, but which also may produce fruit.

  • Native trees3
  • Evergreen trees4