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Evergreen trees

Evergreen trees retain their leaves throughout the year, making them useful for screening and as an ornamental feature in the garden.

  • Acacia dealbata

    An attractive upright evergreen tree with silver-grey leaves and scented yellow blossom.
    • Awards: RHS AGM (current)
    Acacia dealbata
  • Arbutus unedo

    A small evergreen ornamental tree which produces edible fruitlets - commonly known as the Strawberry Tree.
    • Awards: RHS AGM (former)
    Arbutus unedo
  • Cedrus libani

    The cedar of Lebanon grows slowly into a majestic large tree, suitable for parks and open landscapes.
    • Awards: RHS AGM (current)
    Cedrus libani
  • Glauca Pendula

    A superb small tree with sweeping branches and glaucous leaves.
    • Awards: RHS AGM (current)
    Cedrus atlantica
  • Myrtifolia

    Myrtifolia evergreen
    The Portuguese Laurel forms a small spreading tree, easy to grow, and ideal for patios.
    • Awards: RHS AGM (current)
    Prunus lusitanica