Summer 2024You can now pre-order for next season. Deliveries will begin again in September for pot grown trees and December for bare-rooted or mixed tree orders.
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Tree specifications

Most of our trees are supplied in temporary pots, some are supplied bare-root. We only supply young trees and these are specified by approximate height as supplied, not girth.


This is the most common form of tree we supply, producing an attractively-shaped mature tree suitable for most garden and landscaping situations.

As suplied a half-standard tree will have a clear stem of approximately 90cm before the branches start, which is a pleasing form for most trees. The height as supplied will vary greatly dependent on the species, but for most will be around 150cm. Our half-standard trees are usually between 2 years - 5 years old as supplied, depending on the species.

Most half-standard trees will go on to achieve a mature height of 3m - 4m or more, depending on the nature of the tree and the local planting conditons, with a clear stem of about 1.4m. It is easy to mow underneath a half-standard, and once the tree is established other small plants can grown around it.


Some trees are naturally dwarfing and therefore not likely to achieve the proportions of a half-standard. We offer these as 2-year old trees.


A top-worked tree is one that has been grafted high up on a stem of the same or a related species, and this creates an effect which is particularly suitable for species with a naturally weeping habit. The graft height is usually in the range 80cm - 120cm depending on the species.


Some smaller species are naturally suitable for growing in patio containers.


A standard tree will have a clear-stem when mature of about 2m or more, and is easy to walk under. The mature height is likely to be 6m or more.

Many of the trees we supply are suitable for training on as standards.


A "bush" is a term which applies specifically to fruit trees, and describes a fruit tree grown with a short clear stem of about 40cm-50cm, and an open vase-like form consisting of a minimum of 3 primary shoots. The mature height of the bush-tree is typically 1.5m - 3m or more, depending on the variety and rootstock used. If no particular format is specified for a fruit tree it will be a bush-tree.


A "maiden" tree is a tree that has been grown for just 1 year in the nursery (although usually the root system has been in the ground for 2 years). These trees vary according to species and size, and are usually offered as bare-root trees in 125cm, 150cm or 175cm grades.