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Flowering apricot trees

Flowering apricots are grown for their beautiful deep pink blossom.

  • Flowering apricot


    Beni-chidori flowering apricot
    This form of the flowering apricot has scented pink blossom which appears early in the spring.
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    • Flowering month: February
    • Flower colour: Pink - dark
    Prunus mume

How to choose Flowering apricot trees

Flowering apricots (Prunus mume) are a sub-group of the well-known fruiting apricots (Prunus armeniaca) and originate from China.

Flowering is usually very early - late January in the UK.  The flowers are often scented, and may be white, pink, or dark red.

In the Far East flowering apricots may also produce a small crop of fruitlets which are used for culinary purposes, but in the UK climate fruiting is rare.