Amelanchier - Juneberry

Amelanchiers, sometimes known as Juneberries, offer attractive white blossom and multiple autumn colours.

How to choose Amelanchier - Juneberry

Amelanchiers are primarily grown for their attractive spring blossom and the autumnal tints of their leaves. They are also known as Snowy Mespilus, Juneberries, or Saskatoons.

Most forms will produce blueberry-like fruits over the summer, although they are not related to blueberries.

The bush-like trees are very cold-hardy and will grow in most well-drained soils - but avoid clay or water-logged soils. They prefer neutral or slightly acidic conditions, but will tolerate slightly alkaline soils.

The flowers, which appear during May, are susceptible to frost damage, so avoid planting in areas prone to late frosts.