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Obelisk is an upright form of Amelanchier or Juneberry, making it a good choice for the smaller garden, and offering plenty of interest through the seasons.

In spring it features a mass of white blossom, followed by tiny blue fruits over the summer (best left for the birds).

The dense foliage is green over the summer, turning orange and red in the autumn.

Amelanchier alnifolia

Obelisk amelanchier trees for sale

  • 2-year pot-grown tree £44.95
    In a 12L pot
    Large size (3m-5m after 10 years)
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How to grow

Obelisk is a small but very upright shrub / tree. It is easy to grow, and prefers moist soils which are neutral or slightly acidic.

If left to its own devices it may become multi-stemmed.


Obelisk is an ornamental variety of Amelanchier alnifolia. Most varieties of this species produce edible fruits, similar (but not related to) blueberries. They are also known as Juneberries or Saskatoons.

Obelisk characteristics

  • Growing

    • Gardening skill:Beginner
    • Attractive features:Attractive flowersAttractive fruitAttractive tree / plantAutumn foliage colour
    • Growth habit:Columnar / Fastigiate
    • Height after 10 years:3m-5m / 10ft-16ft
    • Flower colour:White
    • Flowering month:May
    • Leaf colour - autumn:Multiple tints
    • Leaf colour - summer:Green
    • Growth rate:Average
    • Site conditions:Occasional flooding
  • Identification

    • Annual cycle:Deciduous

What will it look like?

Illustrative example of a pot-grown tree of this variety as supplied. Approximate girth: 6/8cm. Trees should reach their mature height after about 10 or more years.

Amelanchier Aln Obelisk juneberry