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Beech trees

Beech trees are large attractive trees with a stately presence, and often good autumn colours.

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    Common Beech

    The Common Beech is a large attractive deciduous tree with good autumn leaf colours.
    • Awards: RHS AGM (current)
    Fagus sylvatica
  • Beech

    Purple Fountain

    Purple Fountain is a popular form of the Weeping Beech featuring dark purple bronze leaves.
    • Awards: RHS AGM (current)
    Fagus sylvatica
  • Beech


    Purpurea is an impressive purple-leaved form of the Common Beech, sometimes known as the Purple Beech or Copper Beech.
    Fagus sylvatica

How to choose Beech trees

Most of the beech trees we supply belong to the genus Fagus, of which the best-known is the Common Beech, Fagus sylvatica.

Beech trees grow steadily over the course of about 30 years, to become very large stately trees with grey bark, and a real presence in the landscape. A typical beech tree will be around 10m at 20 years old, and 20m-30m at 30 years old. Trees planted in woodlands are typically taller than those planted in the open.

Beech trees are deciduous, and produce both small flowers and catkins. Most go on to produce small beech nuts which are useful for wildlife, and can be edible.

Beech trees are easy to grow in almost any soil or situation, but they do not like waterlogged soils or salt spray. They do best in full sun or partial shade.