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Lv Xing

Magnolia cylindrica

Lv Xing is a small Magnolia with cup-shaped white flowers delineated with a distinctive dark pink vein emerging from base of the tepals.

After the flowers Lv Xing sometimes produces unusually large dull red cylindrical seed pods, which resemble galls.

Lv Xing magnolia trees for sale

    Sorry we have not produced any trees of this variety this season.


    Lv Xing is sometimes known in the UK (incorrectly) as Magnolia Sunrise.

    Lv Xing characteristics

    • Gardening skillBeginner
    • Attractive featuresAttractive flowersSeed heads / pods
    • Growth habitUpright-spreading / Vase
    • Height after 10 years2.5m-3.5m / 8ft-12ft
    • SunlightPrefers full sun
    • PruningPrune after flowering
    • Growth rateAverage
    • Site conditionsSheltered siteFree-draining site
    • Flower colourWhite
    • Flowering monthApril
    • Leaf colourGreen
    • Leaf colour - autumnGreen
    • Leaf/Flower sequenceFlowers appear first
    • Country of originChina
    • Annual cycleDeciduous