Magnolia Genie

  • Flowering month: May
  • Flower colour: Crimson

Genie's main feature is its stunning large fragrant crimson flowers. The flower buds are a black-red as they emerge, opening to a full deep crimson colour, initially against bare branches.

Genie flowers over 3-4 weeks in May, making it longer-lasting than many other Magnolias. It may produce a secondary display of flowers in the summer.

The tree grows with a neat compact habit, reaching perhaps 3m after 10 years.

Genie was developed in New Zealand and is a complex hybrid derived from Magnolia soulangeana crossed with Magnolia lilliflora.

Genie trees for sale

Height in 10 years
Price inc. VAT
3-year Genie tree - in a 7L pot
2.5m-4m tall after 10 years
3-year Genie tree - in a 12L pot
2.5m-4m tall after 10 years

How to grow

Genie is cold-hardy, but does best in a sheltered spot in free-draining neutral or slightly acidic soil.

Genie characteristics


  • Attractive features: Attractive flowers Attractive tree / plant Scented flowers
  • Height 10 years: 2.5m-3.5m / 8ft-12ft
  • Growth habit: Upright
  • Growth rate: Average
  • Vigour: Average vigour
  • Site conditions: Sheltered site Free-draining site
  • Sunlight: Prefers full sun
  • Blossom duration: Average (2-3 weeks)
  • Pruning: Light prune
  • Gardening skill: Suitable for beginners


  • Country of origin: New Zealand
  • Flowering month: May
  • Flower colour: Crimson
  • Flower size: Large
  • Leaf colour: Green
  • Leaf colour - young: Green
  • Annual cycle: Deciduous
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