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Fairy BlushTM

Magnolia laevifolia
Fairy Blush

Fairy Blush is an evergreen Magnolia which features prolific blush-pink flowers, which are produced over a long period from a young age.

The tree will eventually reach about 3m.

Fairy Blush magnolia trees for sale

  • 3-year pot-grown tree £73.00
    In a 12L pot
    Small size (1.5m-2.5m after 10 years)
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How to grow

Fairy Blush is semi-evergreen, and in mild winters will retain its leaves. It is best grown in a sheltered spot, protected from cold winds, in well-drained soil. Like most Magnolias it prefers slightly acidic conditions.

Fairy Blush responds well to pruning, and will readily produce new shoots after cutting, making it a good choice if you want to try a Magnolia hedge.


Fairy Blush was developed by New Zealand breeder Mark Jury, originally under the trade name MicJur01.

The species Magnolia laevifolia was until recently classified in a completely different genus, Michelia yunnanensis, but genetic evidence suggests it evolved as part of the Magnolia family. Even so, trees of this species are a bit different from the Magnolias we are used to. They are quite small, and usually flower prolifically and produce ornamental fruitlets from a young age.  The flowers are often fragrant. The leaves are bright green and usually evergreen.

Fairy Blush characteristics

  • Gardening skillAverage
  • Attractive featuresAttractive flowersScented flowers
  • Growth habitUpright-spreading / Vase
  • Height after 10 years1.5m-2.5m / 5ft-8ft
  • SunlightPrefers full sunSome shade
  • PruningPrune after flowering
  • Growth rateAverage
  • Site conditionsSheltered siteFree-draining site
  • Flower colourPink - light
  • Flower formSingle flower (5-8 petals)
  • Flowering monthApril
  • Leaf colourGreen
  • Leaf colour - autumnGreen
  • Country of originNew Zealand
  • Annual cycleEvergreen

Similar varieties

  • Magnolia laevifolia
    Fairy Cream
    Fairy Cream is a semi-evergreen Magnolia with creamy white cup-shaped flowers.
  • Magnolia laevifolia
    Fairy White
    Fairy White is a small semi-evergreen Magnolia with long-lasting pure white cup-shaped flowers.