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Gum Ball

Liquidambar styraciflua

Gum Ball is a compact form of the species Liquidambar styraciflua, the American Sweet Gum tree.

The main attraction is the autumn colours of the large maple-like leaves. If space is limited this is perhaps the best way to bring the spectacular autumn colours of the New England fall to your garden.

The tree also produces small green flowers in the spring, which are followed by small woody fruit capsules.

We usually have Gum Ball available as a "top-worked" tree, with a lollipop style branched head on top of a length of clear stem, to emphasis the ornamental qualities of this variety. It should not get much bigger than 2m or so.

Gum Ball liquidambar trees for sale

    Sorry we have not produced any trees of this variety this season.

    How to grow

    The extent of autumn colours depends on the weather. The ideal is warm autumn days and cold nights.


    Liquidambar styraciflua originates from the eastern states of the USA. It is a long-lived species, generally growing to 20m or more. Gum Ball is a naturally dwarf form that 

    Gum Ball characteristics

    • Gardening skillAverage
    • Attractive featuresAttractive tree / plantAutumn foliage colour
    • Height after 10 years1.5m-2.5m / 5ft-8ft
    • Growth rateSlow
    • Leaf colourGreen
    • Leaf colour - autumnMultiple tints
    • Country of originUnited States
    • Annual cycleDeciduous