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Silver Maple

Silver Maple

The Silver Maple is a native of the north-east of North America, but grows readily in the UK and is popular because of its graceful stately presence. It makes a good focal point in a large open space.

The green leaves have an attractive cut lobed shape, with a silvery green underside.

It also produces a mass of green-yellow flowers in early spring.

In autumn the leaves turn yellow and gold.

Silver Maple maple trees for sale

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    How to grow

    This is fast-growing tree which will reach about 6m in height after 10 years. It does best when grown in a sheltered situation - it is easily damaged by strong winds in exposed situations.

    It can be lightly pruned if necessary.


    The silver maple was first brought to the UK in the 18th century from North America.

    Silver Maple characteristics

    • Gardening skillBeginner
    • Attractive featuresAttractive tree / plantAutumn foliage colour
    • Growth habitUpright-spreading
    • Height after 10 years3m-5m / 10ft-16ft
    • Flowering monthFebruary
    • Leaf colour - autumnOrange / Gold
    • Leaf colour - summerGreen
    • PruningLight prune
    • Growth rateFast
    • Site conditionsSheltered site
    • Country of originUnited States
    • Annual cycleDeciduous

    Similar varieties

    • See also Sugar Maple
      Acer saccharum
      Sugar Maple
      The Sugar Maple is the primary maple species used for producing maple syrup.

    What will it look like?

    Illustrative example of a pot-grown tree of this variety as supplied. Approximate girth: 6/8cm. Trees should reach their mature height after about 10 or more years.

    Acer saccharinum Silver Maple