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Aesculus hippocastanum

The Horse Chestnut is a common sight in English parklands, very large, long-lived and majestic.

In May Horse Chestnut trees produce large quantities white scented flowers, which are long-lasting and very attractive to bees for nectar and pollen. These flowers are also a good source of propolis or bee-glue, a resin-like material which bees use to construct their hives, and has long been used by man for its medicinal and anti-inflammatory properties.

In the autumn the tree produces nuts encased in green husks, popular with children for playing "conkers". Unlike the un-related but quite similar Spanish Chestnut (or Sweet Chestnut), Horse Chestnut nuts are toxic and should not be eaten or cooked.

Aesculus hippocastanum horse chestnut for sale

    Sorry we have not produced any trees of this variety this season.

    How to grow

    Horse Chestnuts are easy to grow, but they do need plenty of space and are best suited to parks and open fields.

    Aesculus hippocastanum characteristics

    • Gardening skillBeginner
    • Attractive featuresAttractive flowersAutumn foliage colour
    • Growth habitUpright
    • Height after 10 years5m-8m / 16ft-25ft
    • SunlightPrefers full sun
    • PruningLight prune
    • Growth rateFast
    • Site conditionsFree-draining site
    • WildlifeAttractive to birdsMelliferous
    • Flower colourWhite
    • Flowering monthMay
    • Leaf colourGreen
    • Leaf colour - autumnYellow
    • Fruit colourGreen
    • Fruit persistenceNormal ripeningRipens over a period
    • BarkBrown - chocolate
    • Annual cycleDeciduous

    What will it look like?

    Illustrative example of a pot-grown tree of this variety as supplied. Approximate girth: 6/8cm. We try to keep all pot-grown trees down to about 1.5m as supplied, but some may be larger. Trees should reach their mature height after about 10 or more years.

    Aesculus Hippocastanum horse chestnut tree