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Oshidori Princesse

Oshidori is one of the best forms of the small ornamental cherry species Prunus incisa. Whereas most forms of this species have pretty single flowers, Oshidori features true double flowers. These are bright white with pink centres.

The deeply incised leaves (characteristic of Prunus incisa) take on orange colours in the autumn.

Prunus incisa

Oshidori Princesse flowering cherry trees for sale

  • 2-year top-worked pot-grown tree £46.95
    In a 11.5L pot
    Small size (1.5m-2.5m after 10 years)
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How to grow

Oshidori can be lightly pruned after flowering to help maintain the form.

It is slow-growing, cold-hardy, and well-suited to small spaces, or growing in a large patio planter.

Oshidori Princesse characteristics

  • Growing

    • Awards:RHS Award of Garden Merit
    • Gardening skill:Beginner
    • Attractive features:Attractive flowersAutumn foliage colour
    • Growth habit:Spreading
    • Height after 10 years:1.5m-2.5m / 5ft-8ft
    • Flower colour:White
    • Flowering season:Mid-season
    • Flowering month:March
    • Flower form:Double flower (25-50 petals)
    • Leaf colour - autumn:Orange / Red
    • Leaf colour - summer:Green
    • Leaf/Flower sequence:Leaves appear first
    • Sunlight:Prefers full sun
    • Pruning:Prune after flowering
    • Growth rate:Slow
  • Identification

    • Country of origin:Japan
    • Annual cycle:Deciduous

Similar varieties

  • See also Kojo-no-mai
    Prunus incisa
    An excellent small compact blossom tree, featuring a mass of small white flowers, and good autumn colours.
  • See also Mikinori
    Prunus incisa
    Mikinori is a classic early-flowering Fuji cherry tree, with red autumn leaf colours.
  • Prunus incisa
    A small and hardy winter-flowering cherry, ideal for winter colour and small gardens.

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