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LUTECE Nanguen is a modern elm variety developed specifically for resistance to Dutch Elm Disease (DED).

It grows quickly with an upright form,

This is an ideal tree for parks and large city streets. Like most elms it tolerates urban pollution and can be grown in paved areas.

LUTECE Nanguen elm trees for sale

    Sorry we have not produced any trees of this variety this season.

    How to grow

    LUTECE Nanguen is a fast-growing tree that will reach 10m or so in 20 years, typically averaging 50cm-80cm of growth per year.

    It is similar to Wingham, but arguably a better choice for poorer soils.


    This elm variety was initially developed in the Netherlands specifically for resistance to Dutch Elm Disease (DED). Its natural resistance is the result of cross-breeding a number of different species within the genus Ulmus.  Most of the initial field trials were carried out in Paris, and its trade name 'LUTECE' is derived from the Latin name for Paris.

    Similar varieties

    • See also Wingham
      Ulmus x Wingham
      A new Elm variety with very good resistance to Dutch Elm Disease and a good host for the White-letter Hairstreak butterfly.