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Thornhayes Tansy

Malus transitoria

Thornhayes Tansy is a form of Malus transitoria, known as the cut-leaf crab-apple on account of the shape of its leaves.

The leaves turn a golden orange colour in the autumn, a particularly attractive trait of Malus transitoria.

The tree grows in an upright spreading form.

Thornhayes Tansy crab-apple trees for sale

    Sorry we have not produced any trees of this variety this season.

    Thornhayes Tansy characteristics

    • Flower colourWhite
    • Flower formSingle flower (5-8 petals)
    • Leaf colourGreen
    • Leaf colour - autumnOrange / Gold
    • Fruit colourYellow
    • Fruit sizeSmall
    • Country of originUnited Kingdom
    • Annual cycleDeciduous

    Similar varieties

    • See also Malus transitoria
      Malus transitoria
      Malus transitoria
      Malus transitoria is known as the Cut-leaf crab-apple, has a mass of small white flowers, and clusters of tiny yellow fruitlets.

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