Malus pumila Royalty

Royalty crab apple blossom
  • Flower colour: Red - dark
  • Leaf colour: Bronze
  • Fruit colour: Red - dark

Malus Royalty is a neat compact ornamental crab apple, and arguably one of the best varieties if you want a bronze-leaved form.

The young leaves have a purple-bronze colour when they emerge, which becomes a bronzed dark green over the summer.

Like most bronze-leaf varieties, the spring flowers are an attractive solid dark purple-red colour, and the fruitlets are a deep red colour.

Malus Royalty was developed in Sutherland, Saskatchewan, Canada, in the 1960s by W.L. Kerr. It is one of a series collectively known as 'Rosybloom' crab-apples. These are hybrids derived from Malus 'Niedzwetzkyana', a unique red-fleshed crab-apple from central Asia which has been the starting point for almost all the bronze-leaved and purple-flowering crab-apple varieties we see today. As well as the strong anthocyanin pigmentation in the stems, leaves, flowers and fruits, most of these varieties are also very cold-hardy. 

Royalty trees for sale

Height in 10 years
Price inc. VAT
1-year Royalty tree - bare root
2.5m-4m tall after 10 years
2-year Royalty tree - in a 12L pot
2.5m-4m tall after 10 years

What will it look like?

Illustrative example of a pot-grown tree of this variety as supplied. (Approx. girth: 6/8). Trees should reach their mature height after about 10 or more years.

Malus Royalty crab apple tree

We may also have 1-year bare-root trees of this variety - they are not shown here.

Leaves may not be present during winter, and we may prune some shoots to fit the delivery carton. Size may vary during the season and between batches. The container (if supplied) is only used for transporting the tree, which should then be planted out in the garden or in a much larger patio planter (not all species are suitable for patio planting).

How to grow

Malus Royalty is not as disease-resistant as most crab apple varieties, although much of the reason for this poor reputation comes from its great susceptibility to fireblight - a disease which can be devastating in some areas of the USA but is not virulent in the UK.

Royalty characteristics


  • Attractive features: Attractive flowers Attractive fruit Attractive tree / plant Attractive foliage
  • Disease resistance: Poor
  • Self-fertility: Self-fertile


  • Country of origin: Canada
  • Flowering month: April
  • Flower colour: Red - dark
  • Flower form: Single flower (5-8 petals)
  • Flower size: Medium
  • Leaf colour: Bronze
  • Leaf colour - young: Dark purple
  • Leaf colour - autumn: Green
  • Fruit colour: Red - dark
  • Fruit size: Average
  • Annual cycle: Deciduous


  • Wildlife: RHS perfect for pollinators

Similar varieties

  • See also Roberts Crab
    Roberts Crab
    An unusual red-fleshed crab-apple which has large purple fruits. The juice is a claret red colour.

How to choose a crab-apple tree

We have a very wide range of crab-apple trees. Choosing can be difficult! See our article explaining the different characteristics of crab-apple trees which will help you narrow down the selection.

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