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Malus Fimbriata

Malus Fimbriata is particularly noted for its true double rose-pink flowers.

Most crab-apples have single flowers (i.e. with a relatively small number of petals) but the flowers of Malus Fimbriata have a profusion of petals, rivalling some of the showiest of the flowering cherries. The flowers can be very large by crab-apple standards, and have a pleasant fragrance.

Malus ioensis

Malus Fimbriata crab-apple trees for sale

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How to grow

Like other forms of the Prarie Crab, Malus Fimbriata flowers relatively late in the crab apple blossom season. It does not always produce fruitlets and is possibly not self-fertile. Unusually for a crab-apple, it is not a good pollinator of mainstream apple trees either.


Malus Fimbriata belongs to the crab-apple species Malus ioensis, known as the Prairie Crab, a native of the central plains for North America.

It was discovered as a chance seedling growing in Rochester, New York, by Bernard Slavin and named by his son. It is sometimes known as the Fringe Petal Crabapple, on account of its spectacular blossom.

Malus Fimbriata characteristics

  • Gardening skillAverage
  • Attractive featuresAttractive flowersAttractive tree / plantScented foliage
  • Growth habitUpright-spreading
  • Height after 10 years3m-5m / 10ft-16ft
  • Flower colourPink - light
  • Flowering monthMay
  • Flower formDouble flower (25-50 petals)
  • Leaf colour - summerGreen
  • Growth rateAverage
  • Fruit sizeSmall
  • Country of originUnited States
  • Annual cycleDeciduous
  • Fruit persistenceRipens over a period

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